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I Feel Like an All-Grown-Up Garden Blogger Now

May 11, 2012

Because I’ve successfully completed my first plant trade (or two-thirds successfully, since one plant arrived mostly dead). So, thanks to Penny in the UK, who asked me if I would send her a Pilea peperomioides, I now have (more) oca, red flesh radishes, speckled oakleaf lettuce and yellow mangetout peas. The lettuce is still tiny, but already speckled, the radishes look like they’ll bolt – I’ll try again in autumn – but the peas are about to bloom – won’t be long now until the first harvest!

There was also a second plant trade, but since that happened via a forum, it doesn’t really “count”. But I got even more oca, and a Dioscorea (forgot the species…) from Germany, in return for some bog sage. (There was a second Dioscorea as well, but the package took ages to arrive, and it didn’t make it…

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  1. penny permalink
    May 11, 2012 13:06

    And a very good start to plant trading too – many thanks and you’re very welcome. How are your Minnesota midget melons coming along? I didn’t start mine until very late as I dare not put them out before at least the end of May – hope they really are ‘very short season’!

    • May 11, 2012 19:01

      Oops, I totally forgot about the melons! (I blame May.) I sowed them about two weeks ago – I was planning to do it much earlier, but totally forgot (and I wouldn’t have had the windowsill-space anyway). They’re just getting their second leaves, so it’ll be a while yet until I put them outside.

      • penny permalink
        May 11, 2012 22:07

        So that’ll be both of us hoping they come true to their word! Mine are only slightly ahead of yours, having about 3 true leaves each. Shame about the radish – hope you get at least a few good ones from this batch.

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