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Story-Scribbling Sunday – May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

I skipped last week, because there was absolutely nothing to report. May is not a good month for writing – I’ve only worked on “Goblins” on six days this month, and one of them was only a few hundred hand-written words that needed to be typed up some other day.

Too much work. And too much to do in my balcony garden, and when I do find the time to sit down and write, there are blog posts that need to be written.

And even more than the lack of time to write, what is making things difficult is the lack of time to think about my story. I’m used to doing a lot of “boring”, repetitive tasks at work, and letting my mind wander, or planning out the next scene. But there is no chance of that when five customers are asking me about different things at the same time, and I have to talk, talk, talk all day long until I’m literally dizzy from hyperventilating.

But I do want to get on with that damn story, I want to finish it before June, so I can focus on something else for Camp NaNo. I did have a couple of little epiphanies this week, learning something new about little Annabell’s family, and figuring out how to fit scenes together. And I’m finally getting to where things are actually beginning to happen in Annabell’s storyline.

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