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Camp NaNo, and a Challenge

June 1, 2012

Hah. The first day in over a month that I’m not working overtime (YAY!), and I’m already diving headfirst into the next madness. Namely, NaNoWriMo‘s summer program, Camp NaNoWriMo – yes, I’m trying to write 50,000 words again, this time in June.

I’m feeling very badly prepared – I’m going to be rewriting an old story, “The Legend of Larin and Liria”, a Kivailo world story (so old that that it’s actually older than the Kivailo world itself!), so I more or less know where I’m going, but there’s so much I need to change, and I’ve had no time to organize my notes or make a timeline…

I’m also “rebelling” a bit, because I desperately want to finish “Goblins”. I’m so close to finishing it! Only four more scenes! I’ve never been so close to finishing anything since the time I finished the old version of “Larin and Liria”, nine years or so ago. And that was just 22,000 words or so. “Goblins” is at about 134 K now.

Anyway: I’ll keep on working on “Goblins” whenever I’m on the computer. For “Larin and Liria”, I’m challenging myself in two different ways:

  • Handwriting. I’ve picked out one of my far-too-many notebooks, made sure there are spare ink cartridges for my fountain pen in my bag, and I’ll try to write the way I wrote the previous versions of “Larin and Liria”, and all my stories up to the first version of “Masks” in 2005: Entirely by hand.
  • Writing outside. Or at least, if not strictly outdoors, at least outside my own home. In how many different places can I write in one month? I’m aiming for forests and parks, mostly, though I might throw in libraries and coffee shops just for variation. It’s only the first day, but I already have two places on my list:
  1. local train
  2. lunch table at work

Both will be regular/near-daily writing places, of course. We’ll see how many more places I can get this weekend – I’ll report on Sunday.

Well, enough babbling. Gotta get back to my goblins now.

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