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My Mystery Salvia

June 1, 2012

I bought this tagged as Salvia madrensis, which it most definitely isn’t. I think it is S. chamaedryoides (luckily, I kind of like hard-to-spell names), but I’m still not entirely sure. The flower shape more or less matches, but most of the pictures on Google are a much paler blue.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty pleased that I’ve finally convinced my camera to focus properly and take a good picture:

I love, love, love that colour. True blue flowers are so hard to find, and this is one of my favourite shades. My favourite time of day is in the evening when the sky is that colour, and maybe I prefer writing with a fountain pen because the ink is such a pretty blue… when I saw this plant last year, I knew I had to have it even though I also knew it was utter idiocy to add another plant to the balcony, let alone one that drops flowers all over the place and stains the floor. But no matter how many times I step into a dropped flower and leave blue spots all over the place, I still love the colour.

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  1. June 2, 2012 19:42

    It’s just gorgeous! It’s even nicer knowing that’s not spray paint.

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