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A Guessing Game

June 3, 2012

I’ve often joked that I probably have more different kinds of plants in my balcony garden than some people who have a “real” garden that’s many times as big. Yesterday, I was biking past a garden that was mostly lawn and arborvitae hedge, it occurred to me that that’s probably not just a joke – it’s quite likely that it’s true.

I’m a little scared to count how many plant species I really have…

But I will count them – anyone want to guess in the meantime?

I’ll try to remember to post the number/plant list next Sunday, so you have until then to guess. I’d offer a prize to the one who comes closest, but I can’t really think of anything to offer except seeds/cuttings, which would be a little unfair to my overseas readers, since I can’t legally send plants or seeds to the US (and probably not to other countries either.)


Some “rules”: everything counts, so vegetables, herbs, annual flowers, houseplants out on holiday… only the plant species though, not the individual varieties. So different peas, which botanically are all Pisum sativum count as one species, but for example thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and lemon thyme (Thymus x citriodorus) are different plants. I counted the plants on Sunday, June 3rd, and I won’t be changing the list even if I plant something new during the week or rip something out.

Juggling comments on two blogs, two forums and in “real life” now, so I made myself a list:

Sahi: 142
mr_subjunctive: 91
Nadine: 63
Reinhold: 75
balkonneuling: 47
Kathrin: 40
Mama: 83
Manu: 66
C: 45
Bigi: 74
Mechthild: 59
susima: 55
Cottage Rose: 42
Weinbergschnecke: 51
balkongemuesefee: 54
Sanni: 66
Schneeglöckchen: 99
Yarrow: 65
Papa: 47

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 3, 2012 15:43

    Really have no clue, but I’ll guess 91.

  2. maryhysong permalink
    June 9, 2012 21:47

    not a clue but 110 is the number that comes to mind!


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