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Aaand the winner is…

June 10, 2012

The week is up – there weren’t a whole lot of people participating in my guessing game here on this blog, but I did get quite a few comments on my German blog, and on a German gardening forum, and family and RL friends were asked to guess, too, so I did end up with almost 30 participants.

So, here goes –

20th place: Sahi, who guessed 142 species of plants
19th place: Ginny Burton (15)
18th place: Liza (23)
17th place: Kathrin (40) and maryhysong (110)
16th place: Cottage Rose (42)
15th place: C (45)
14th place: Papa (47) and balkonneuling (47)
13th place: wenndann richtig (101)
12th place: Schneeglöckchen (99)
11th place: Weinbergschnecke (51)
10 th place: Joschi (96) and balkongemuesefee (54)
9th place: Elfi (55), susima (55) and Johanna (55)
8th place: mr_subjunctive (91) and Mechthild (59)
7th place: Oma (60)
6th place: Nadine (63) and Koi (87)
5th place: Yarrow (65)
4th place: Manu (66) and Sanni (66)
3rd place: Mama (83)
2nd place: Bigi (74)
Aaaand – congratulations to –
1st place: Reinhold (75) and Opa (75)!

That’s the forum acquaintance landscape gardener who gave me a ride home after the Arche Noah market and my grandpa, neither of which have ever seen my garden except in pictures, so they didn’t get a chance to “cheat” by counting. And no, I didn’t give hints either – I didn’t even tell my grandpa he’s won when I saw him today (I’ll call him as soon as I post this).

Anyway, here’s the plant list:

  1. Albuca spiralis
  2. Allium cepa, onion
  3. Allium schoenoprasum, chives
  4. Allium tuberosum, Chinese chives
  5. Aloe vera, bitter aloe
  6. Begonia semperflorens, wax begonia
  7. Beta vulgaris var. vulgaris, Swiss chard
  8. Borago officinalis, borage
  9. Brassica juncea, some Asian greens
  10. Brassica oleracea var. gongylodes, kohlrabi
  11. Brassica rapa, turnip, some Asian greens
  12. Capsicum annuum, bell pepper
  13. Cardamine hirsuta (Unkraut), hairy bittercress – weed
  14. Claytonia perfoliata, winter purslane
  15. Convolvulus sabatius, ground morning glory, blue rock bindweed
  16. Cyperus esculentus, tiger nut
  17. Daucus carota, carrot
  18. Diplotaxis tenuifolia, wild rocket
  19. Dorotheanthus bellidiformis, Livingstone daisy
  20. Eruca sativa, arugula
  21. Eschscholzia californica, slender Californian poppy
  22. Fragaria vesca, alpine strawberry
  23. Hippeastrum Cv, amaryllis
  24. Ipomoea alba, moon flower
  25. Ipomoea batatas, sweet potato
  26. Ipomoea lobata, fire vine
  27. Ipomoea purpurea, common morning glory
  28. Ipomoea tricolor, heavenly blue morning glory
  29. Ipomoea x sloteri, cardinal climber
  30. Jasminum multiflorum, white jasmine
  31. Lactuca sativa, looseleaf lettuce
  32. Lantana camara, lantana
  33. Lavandula officinalis, lavender
  34. Levisticum officinale, lovage
  35. Lobelia erinus, trailing lobelia
  36. Lycopersicon esculentum, tomato
  37. Melissa officinalis, lemon balm
  38. Ocimum basilicum, basil
  39. Origanum heracleoticum, oregano
  40. Origanum majorana, marjoram
  41. Origanum x majoricum, hardy marjoram
  42. Oxalis articulata, pink oxalis
  43. Oxalis spiralis subsp. vulcanicola, volcanic sorrel
  44. Oxalis tetraphylla, lucky clover
  45. Oxalis triangularis, purple shamrock
  46. Oxalis tuberosa, oca
  47. Pancratium maritimum, sea daffodil
  48. Papaver nudicaule, Icelandic poppy
  49. Papaver rhoeas, field poppy
  50. Passiflora caerulea, blue passion flower
  51. Passiflora vitifolia, red passion flower
  52. Petroselinum crispum, parsley
  53. Phaseolus coccineus, runner bean
  54. Phaseolus vulgaris, common bean
  55. Pisum sativum, pea
  56. Plectranthus scutellarioides, coleus
  57. Plectranthus sp.
  58. Portulacaria afra, elephant bush
  59. Raphanus sativus, radish
  60. Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri, Easter cactus
  61. Rosmarinus officinalis, rosemary
  62. Salvia chamaedryoides, germander sage
  63. Salvia elegans, pineapple sage
  64. Salvia officinalis, garden sage
  65. Salvia uliginosa, bog sage
  66. Schlumbergera truncata, Thanksgiving cactus
  67. Schlumbergera x buckleyi, Christmas cactus
  68. Solanum melongena, eggplant
  69. Streptocarpus saxorum, false African violet
  70. Thymus vulgaris, thyme
  71. Thymus x citriodorus, lemon thyme
  72. Tropaeolum majus, nasturtium
  73. Viola cornuta, viola/horned pansy
  74. Yucca elephantipes, elephant yucca
  75. some sort of moss – weed

Thanks for playing, everyone – this was fun! And a big motivation for me to actually make that list – I didn’t know the solution myself until I posted that game!

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  1. June 14, 2012 02:27

    Holy moly!

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