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Camp NaNo Week 2 – When Simba Meets Ronia in Middle-earth

June 10, 2012

Wordcount-wise, it hasn’t been a great week. I’m having big problems focusing on writing, even when I’m handwriting and have no internet to distract me. I have hardly worked on “Goblins” at all, though that’s mostly because I need to kill Annabell’s grandfather, and I don’t really want to.

“The Legend of Larin and Liria” doesn’t have any such hard-to-write scenes, but it’d need a lot more background work. I have no timeline, I didn’t even have a map until Friday night, when I sat down with about five different maps – a faded copy of one showing the rivers and the boundaries of the principalities, a less faded version of the same map, one showing the roads, one showing the areas with the different dialects and the mountain ranges, showing the places mentioned in the old version of “Larin and Liria”… Now I have a map that’s partly faded copy, partly pencil scribbles – enough to work with, for now, but it irritates me. I really need to work on those maps again!

I still haven’t reread all of the old version, only pieces of it. I still haven’t made a timeline, which is becoming sorely necessary – I’m bringing more characters into the story, and since “Larin and Liria” stretches over a time of about 15 years, I need to keep track of everyone’s ages.

Still, I’m having fun with the story. I get to play with my made-up language, culture, mythology and geography. I’ve even started to compose a poem about “Larin and Liria” – in my made-up language! Hardly ever more than a line or two, because I don’t remember enough words, but it’s fun.

Lonchaku Lonna,



daraku lonché

(Lonna was alone,

Lonna the Clever

Lonna the Brave

she walked alone.)

Without wanting to, I kept coming up with alliterations, so I decided that each stanza starts with an alliterative line:

Katraku Keschtaron (Keschtaron murdered)

Tanoraku Tanho,

Tasomikvasha (The knight sang, Tasomik the Faithful)

Liaraku Liria,

Anunmera’aä (Liria laughed, the freest princess)

I’ve had a lot of funny realisations, too. The first was that the plot of “Larin and Liria” is basically the same as The Lion King – fit right in with the tread I found at the NaNoWriMo forums, “My novel is ____ meets ____“. I don’t know most of the books/movies/TV shows the others are referring to, but I found it pretty funny to describe “Larin and Liria” as Lion King meets Middle-earth. Actually, it’s Lion King meets Osten Ard (because Tad Williams’s The Dragonbone Chair inspired the very first version of “Larin and Liria”), with a dash of Ronia the Robber’s Daughter, with the story starting with two girls who have grown up in a forest hide-out and haven’t seen any humans except for the two people who raised them since they were three years old or so. And even though the story owes its existence to Osten Ard, I think Middle-earth is the better comparison, considering how many years I’ve been “stuck” in the Kivailo world.

The other kind of odd realisation was that I identify with totally different characters now. I was about 12 when I wrote the first version, and 16/17 when I wrote the second, and always identified with Larin and Liria, the prince and princess growing up in disguise. But now, I realised, not only is Lonna, the princess’s foster mother, really the story’s heroine – I also identify with her much more now. Before, I was a kid writing about kids, and Lonna and the other adults were “old” – now it hit me, in the beginning of the story, Lonna is right around my age! Which means my focus has shifted a bit, I need to think more about the adult characters and flesh them out more. Well, actually, I need to flesh all of the characters out more, but to some extent, they’re doing that all by themselves.


I’m at 11 writing locations outside my home now – I’ve written about the first 5 last week.

This week I’ve got:

6. Teeny-Tiny Village train station

7. checkout line at Baumax (DIY store)

8. folk music concert/choir recital in a farmhouse a couple of villages away

9. my mother’s car

10. my godparents’ kitchen

11. one of the upstairs bedrooms at my godparents’ house

12 my grandparents’ living room

Given those locations, no great pictures this week:

# 8 – the one pretty place this week, and I didn’t have my camera. This picture was on the front of the programme.

#9 – have YOU ever tried taking a decent picture of the inside of a car?

# 10. Taking pictures of rooms is also pretty impossible.

# 11. The furniture upstairs totally doesn’t fit with the tastefully decorated downstairs, but I kind of like it – the table and cupboard are from my grandparents’ old bed&breakfast rooms, I have another one of these tables.

# 12 – the living room is also my grandpa’s bedroom. I’ll need to post a picture of that yellow orchid at the window some time, it’s totally awesome.


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  1. June 11, 2012 03:45

    Holy cow there are SO MANY BLOOMS ON THAT ORCHID!!!!


  1. Oma’s Awesome Orchid « Letters & Leaves

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