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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – June 2012

June 15, 2012

Whoops – I nearly forgot about GBBD – let’s see if I can get this posted before midnight!

I’ve got tomatoes blooming, a bell pepper, cucumbers and melons, but no good pictures of either. The passionflowers are not cooperating this month, not a single open flower, even though… I hesitate to tell you… I bought another two plants. Yes, like I need four passion flowers. Ah well, let’s cheat by posting a slightly older picture – plain old Passiflora caerulea, luckily I found a cheap one at Bellaflora – otherwise I would have been tempted into buying the huge and expensive one at work.

Now I just have to catch ‘Lady Margaret’ with the camera.

In the bedroom, the plain old red Abutilon – kind of boring, but I love it dearly. Even if it’s always thirsty and dropping flowers all over the place!

In the living room, another one of my favourites, Begonia corallina, has been going crazy – growing huge, blooming on every branch – and dropping flowers all over the floor and the makeshift sofa. It’s going to be chopped back soon, though, I want to grow plants to sell.

On the balcony, most of the Oxalises have been uncooperative – they’ve got their flowers closed when I come home from work – but at least the Convolvulus sabatius was still open, even if it had only these two flowers today:

I was ridiculously excited when we got this Lantana variety at work this year – for whatever reason, I’ve never seen this colour for sale before, and I’ve wanted it since (I think) 2009.

Borage for edible flowers:

But my absolute favourite on the balcony is this mixed container:

Variegated sweet potato, trailing lobelia, Streptocarpus saxorum and Oxalis articulata. A combination of various “wanna-have”s, and I think they really look great together!

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  1. June 16, 2012 00:45

    I can see why you love that container, it’s beautiful!

    • June 16, 2012 09:47

      And it’s right next to my table, so I can always enjoy it while I eat or write.

  2. June 16, 2012 14:35

    Glad you posted that passion flower, it is perfect and gorgeous. Thanks for brightening up my morning.


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