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Weird Hobbies…

June 17, 2012

… you know, apart from filling my home up with houseplants and writing poetry in a language that doesn’t exist (except in my head and on my computer).

It was always one of my favourite tasks during my apprenticeship, something to do on slow winter days… on Saturday night, I finally took the time to do it at home. To sit on the floor in front of my work table and sort flower pots by size.

At the apprenticeship place, we had several large boxes under the potting bench that each were supposed to contain one size of pots. Of course, over time, everything got messed up, pots were thrown in randomly or rolled out of the boxes, until I finally had time to clean up. I know it’s kind of silly, but I really enjoy sorting things.

Then, it was kind of easy. We only had pots from one manufacturer, and and there are only so many sizes (around 15, I’d guess)

At home it’s a lot more difficult. The plastic pots I’ve stored in my work table (or, to be honest, scattered randomly all over it… it was high time I tidied it up!) are mainly ones I’ve picked out of the thrash at work – from plants that we’ve bought, since the pots of the plants we grow ourselves have a logo on them, which doesn’t look too great on houseplants. Plants that we’ve bought from dozens of different growers (well, via the wholesaler), all of which use different pots! So sorting them is a little tricky!

But luckily, I think it’s fun to sit on the floor and sort flower pots, so it was a pretty pleasant way to spend a Saturday night.

And they take up so much less space now that they’re properly sorted by size:

And I can easily find the right size when I’m growing plants to sell again (which is mainly what I keep these pots for, my own plants are mostly in clay pots. Looks prettier.)

And the work table is nice and tidy again, so I can actually work there!

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  1. June 17, 2012 21:39

    Ugh. I had my mom pick up a bunch of used pots for me from somebody on Craigslist (it made more sense to ask her than to go pick them up myself, because it was her town, and it’s about an hour away to drive) about a month ago, and then we went and got them last week, and now they’re sitting on the floor in the plant room and I need to sort through them but I really don’t want to. So thanks for reminding me. Grumble grumble.

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