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Harvest Monday – June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

I finally seem to be recovering – I had much more energy for harvesting and cooking last week. Well, cooking… not really! It was bloody hot for most of the week, so for two days, I just ate huge salads for dinner. Good thing, too, because I really needed to eat all that lettuce before it got too bitter.

The problem is that the date on my camera was still off, claiming it was February 2006, so I’m not sure when I harvested everything.

One radish, that I harvested and ate even though it was still tiny, because it was already bolting… well, it’s just too hot for radishes.

‘Golden Sweet’ snow peas (150 g), lettuce (75 g) and marjoram – oh yeah, I’ve been cutting herbs to dry as well.

I think this was Monday, but I don’t know – I don’t even remember what I ate other than peas and  salad…

Then this was Tuesday:

Italian oregano for drying, lettuce (120 g), parsley, chives and basil for a huge salad.

Even when I’m not actually cooking, making dinner is still rather time-consuming – washing all that lettuce (and taking all the ladybird larvae and eggs back outside) and chopping those herbs takes quite long, too.

This must be Wednesday – pasta salad for dinner.

Lettuce (75 g), winter purslane, oca leaves, parsley, chives, garlic chives, basil and nasturtium leaves.

Thursday: the very first tomato! A tiny little currant tomato (‘Tess’s Land Race’) (and the first runner bean flower).

On Friday, I had far too much fun arranging my harvest:

I wasn’t planning to make a face – at first, I had just the carrots and turnips and was arranging them in a semi-circle. Then I realized it looked like the hair on the faces the Clown Brother draws. So when I remembered I needed to harvest some other stuff as well, I took the chance and made a face as well, then a beard… then cracked up, because one of my parents’ friends, one of my almost-uncles, looks very much like this.

I don’t have a picture of him with a beard, but this is Danger Hair… when I was little, and he usually had full beard, I thought he looked like a lion.

(I call him Danger Hair because of a story he told us about one of his travels to India, where he was once stopped by a policeman who just looked at him, told him, “Your hair very danger,” and let him walk on.)

After I stopped playing around with my food…

… I finally washed and weighed it:

20 g  lettuce, 50 g peas, 100 g  turnips and 90 g carrots – compared to a “real” garden, these might be small, but compared to mine from last year, they are huge! So carrots aren’t a total failure in the balcony garden, after all!

I made a quick stir-fry out of all the veggies and ate it with some quinoa.

Not that impressive-looking, but – except for quinoa, oil, salt and pepper, everything in this meal came from my tiny garden!

Saturday morning: Savory for drying:

Later on Saturday: the rest of the bolting green looseleaf lettuce – all that was still non-bitter enough to eat in salads (140 g). I took it along when I visited my best friend – we had some for lunch, and she and her boyfriend can have the rest.

On Sunday, I think, I only harvested some basil, which I didn’t take pictures of.

A great week, if I say so myself. I can’t count the herbs yet (I have to wait until they’re dry to see how much I have), but I’m only cents away from reaching € 100! Of course, I still haven’t added up my expenses, but € 100 worth of vegetables and herbs from a “garden” that’s only 4.2 m² (45 sq ft, for you Americans) isn’t bad at all!

Hop on over to Daphne’s Dandelions to see what other gardeners are harvesting from their much bigger gardens!

14 Comments leave one →
  1. June 25, 2012 22:05

    That is so funny about the face and then that you thought it looked like someone you know. 🙂

    • June 26, 2012 07:08

      It was pretty funny! I have show my mother that pic and see if she can guess who it is!

  2. June 26, 2012 01:27

    I think I figured out why you did not care much for the stir-fry lettuce. First, romaine type lettuce are tastier. Second, the more mature outer leaves have nicer flavor and texture. Third, do not overcook, just enough to wilt. Hope you will give it another try.

    • June 26, 2012 07:10

      I’m using them up a few leaves at a time now, mixed with other vegetables. It’s easier to cook with something once you know what it tastes like.

  3. June 26, 2012 02:34

    Wow what a great harvest week. You have a huge variety of things coming from your garden! “Danger hair” lol that’s funny!!

    • June 26, 2012 07:11

      I was quite amazed myself at how much food I got out of my garden this week!

  4. June 26, 2012 04:31

    Looks like you had a great week. I know what you mean about the lettuce. For me it is making sure all the earwigs and slugs are off. They do not get relocated back to the garden :).

    • June 26, 2012 07:12

      One of the upsides of a balcony garden, no slugs! But, no, these definitely wouldn’t go back to the garden!

  5. June 26, 2012 08:49

    I love all your pictures! Making me hungry! Food art at it’s greatest 😀 All that from a balcony? Impressive!

  6. kitsapfg permalink
    June 26, 2012 14:52

    That was indeed a great harvest week. A really good kitchen garden produces a steady source of meals and eating and yours is doing just that. The vegetable “pic” was fun!

  7. June 26, 2012 15:36

    What fun to play with your food! Danger hair, LoL! My ex had hair like that; we had to stop using flannel sheets on the bed because his curly hair would pick up all the bits of lint from the flannel and become huge knots! Wow all from your little balcony; that is awesome!

    • June 26, 2012 20:53

      Hehe! (About the bedsheets)
      Danger Hair works at a Christmas market every winter, and often gets asked if he wears a wig. He just sticks his head out of his stall and asks, “Wanna pull?”

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