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Oma’s Awesome Orchid

July 6, 2012

My Oma (that’s German for “grandma”) has a knack for growing Phalaenopsis orchids. She always has lots of them blooming at the big window in the living room. I’m sure I have a picture or two of the entire window somewhere, but it’d take too long to look for it now.

But that’s not what I wanted to show you, anyway. I want to show you one orchid that’s visible in the background of the last picture in this post. Because that orchid is totally awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it. I mean, the others aren’t bad, the purple one in the background does have a lot of flowers as well, and there was a white one with even more, but this yellow one?

Have you ever seen this many flowers on a single stem?

Haha, this would have been another one for Liza‘s “real or fake” puzzlers! Except that I doubt they even make such perfect orchids – and I’ve definitely never seen such a perfect and perfectly real one for sale!

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  1. July 7, 2012 03:27

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a perfect orchid at an orchid show!

    • July 7, 2012 10:00

      I’ve never been to a show, but I imagine this one would be hard to beat!


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