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Yes, Of Course I Needed More!

July 7, 2012

I just got rid of a few plants – but of course I had to “replace” them right away!

OK, actually, I bought the first few of them long before Execution Week. And I totally blame my boss. You see, he bought those two big and gorgeous Passiflora caeruleas, and I “had” to look at them every day, full of flowers – and nobody is buying them! Silly people! – and every time, I whined, “I want to have them! But I don’t know where to put them!”

Until one day I stopped mid-whine and, with a crazy glint in my eye, whispered, “Waaaiiit… I just thought of something!”

But they were pretty expensive, even with my employee discount, so I decided to check if I couldn’t get a smaller, cheaper plant somewhere. So at the first opportunity, I went to scour all the garden centres and DIY stores with garden departments I could get to. No passionflowers at Dehner, none at Bauhaus or at Baumax. By then I started to feel like the trip was a bit of a waste of time, so I decided to buy something, and grabbed a Maranta leuconeura ‘Erythroneura’. It was just € 1.50, how could I resist? Even though it’ll probably get on my nerves sooner or later because I prefer plants that grow tall rather than broad.

Then, my last stop, at Bellaflora. And guess what? They had passion flowers. And not just the regular caerulea – plenty of other varieties, too, and those were even on sale, for € 6.99 instead of 9.99.

Too bad I could not think of a place for more than two, so I only got a Passiflora caerulea:

and ‘Lady Margaret’, who is a little camera-shy, so it took a long time to get a picture of her:

Which, together with my old ‘Amethyst’ and the newish vitifoliabrought me up to four Passifloras. Augh – last year, morning glories, and this year it’s passion flowers! I won’t be able to clean the outside of my living room window for the rest of the summer because I have several strings stretched across it for the passionflowers to climb on. (Except for the caerulea, which ended up in the bedroom.)

Last week, I had to make another trip to the shopping centre and do a very scary thing. I had to go to a travelling agency for the first time, and book my first flight (I had a coupon for that agency, and have been putting off using it for years because travelling alone scares me!) Well, I have flown before, but never on my own. I’m a little terrified of having to find my way around airports all by myself – hurrying after teachers is so much easier!

Anyway, afterwards I decided I deserved a reward and made the short trip over to Dehner. There, I ran into an employee I knew from the Apprenticeship Place (funny, because I also knew the travel agency employee I’d spoken to from a class we’d attended together!) and ended up spending most of the time chatting with her. I did look around enough to spot another beautiful passion flower… and yes, I ended up buying it… bringing me up to five!

But ‘Sapphire’ is just too beautiful, I love the dark blue!

But in the few minutes I’d looked around before running into my acquaintance, I’d spotted several other interesting things – but had no more time to decide about them before the store closed – so I had to go back later that week to look at them again. And buy them, of course.

I only gave up and threw out my Cissus rhombifolia because I knew I would be able to replace it:

This was the first time I’ve seen a Cissus rhombifolia for sale that wasn’t either a hanging basket or a 20 cm pot with a 50 cm high, trellised plant – both of which were always far too expensive to be interesting, and mildewy besides.

Epiphyllum anguliger. Not quite as cool as Selenicereus chrysocardium, but I’ll take what I can get. We’ll see how we’ll get along.

Polyscias … fruticosa, maybe?

I’ve never had a Polyscias before, so I kind of felt like I had to try it once. This is the only one that’s appealed to me so far.

I don’t quite know why I went to Bellaflora again the next day (probably just because I was in the neighbourhood anyway), in any case: They had passion flowers. Really, really cool passionflowers. At half price.

You can imagine what dilemma that put me in! Big, really interesting passion flowers for just € 10, instead of 20 – and nowhere to put them! I eventually figured out a place to put one, but that was really the limit, and I had to leave so many cool ones behind!

So I snatched up one of the coolest ones before I made my trip to the grocery store. And then what? I only needed a few things, so I didn’t really want to get a cart. My bike basket would suffice. But what to do with the plant? It was too big to carry easily, and too wet to carry without messing up my shirt. So I ended up simply putting it on the ground and threading my bike lock through the trellis to lock it to the bike.

Now, allow me to introduce passion flower # 6: Passiflora trifasciata:

I hope you’re all properly jealous of my lovely passion flowers now! Of course, I’ll be cursing myself when it’s time to bring everything in for the winter – but I wonder if I can propagate any of them and sell them at work…

3 Comments leave one →
  1. July 7, 2012 17:18

    Totally jealous!

  2. July 9, 2012 02:40

    I’m insanely jealous of all of your new plants (except P. caerulea and the cissus because I already have both of those :p) That last passion flower is so totally awesome, I can barely stand to think about it!

    • July 9, 2012 07:07

      I think I would have died if I hadn’t been able to find a spot for it to justify buying it!

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