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I Really Need to Do Something About Those Books

August 31, 2012

I always clean my home before I go travelling. I can’t stand coming back to a dirty and/or messy home. Before I left for London, this involved gathering up all the books that had been scattered around the Nettle Nest. But I didn’t have enough time to actually put them away, so this happened:

Books I need to read.

Books I’ve read and still need to review.

Books I’ve reviewed and haven’t put away yet.

In some cases I simply don’t know where to put them. The Fantasy bookcase is almost full, the definitely isn’t enough space for A Song of Ice and Fire, or one more book by Tad Williams, let alone two. (Well, unless I move that photo album, but then where would I put that?) I keep meaning to get rid of some books, but can’t decide what to do with them. No second-hand bookshops anywhere near, they don’t sell well at the flea market, and throwing them away is out of the question. Well, I suppose I could always build another bookcase…

And as difficult as it may be to find room for them all, I’m still not even slightly tempted by e-books. With an e-reader, I wouldn’t have dared to sit in my English friend’s back garden in the evenings, when it might start to rain any moment. I could not use my boarding pass as a bookmark to remind me that I’ve done it, I’ve travelled by plane all by myself for the first time. I wouldn’t have come home with two borrowed books… there seems to be a rule that every time I go somewhere, I must come home with more books than I left with, and both my Dutch and my English friend-and-host have lent me books.

And tomorrow, I will add at least one, probably two, more to the pile. One of my favourite Austrian authors, Wolf Haas, has a new book out, and I promised my English friend to send her one of his books (before I knew there would be a new one). And he will be doing a reading in Big Town, so I will get tickets for that as well when I go shopping tomorrow.

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  1. September 1, 2012 01:16

    So many books, so little space… I feel your pain.

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