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My Bedroom Ceiling, Again

September 8, 2012

That mystery Parthenocissus is a little alarming. Since the last time I posted a picture of my ceiling, three months ago, it has grown at least another metre, maybe more. Which means it’s about four to five metres long (going from the top of the wardrobe diagonally across the bed and almost back to the wardrobe again)… and it still seems to be quite happy in its 10 cm pot! Today I finally got up onto the bed and the ladder to wrap it around its strings again – long vines have been dangling down, and in one case clinging to the wall – they do make those sticky root thingies that attach themselves to the wall. Had “fun” scratching them all off!

I’ve finally thrown out my old Cissus rhombifolia… I bought a new one, but that one is still too small to climb along a string under the ceiling, as is the Cissus antarctica. The Ampelopsis brevipedunculata did go up on top of the wardrobe, but it’s not been happy – mildew, lack of light, maybe also lack of water, lost its variegation, dropped lots of leaves… right now, only one vine is still alive, and even that has lost lots of leaves. But there is also a Passiflora caerulea on the windowsill, which I didn’t have balcony space for. It’s climbed up the wall and is now beginning to creep along under the ceiling as well.

I was lying on the floor to take those pictures, but even so, I couldn’t get the whole ceiling in one picture…

The reason all the strings meet there in the middle is that there is a hook in the ceiling there, which I put in for my mosquito net but soon started using for the plant strings, too. The other ends are tied to nails in the wardrobe and walls and to the ends of the curtain rod.

This is what it looks like when the mosquito net is up – which conveniently also keeps leaves from falling into my bed:

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  1. Jesper Jensen, Denmark permalink
    November 7, 2014 02:42

    How wonderful


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