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Critters of Kew Gardens

September 13, 2012

Once again, it’s late and I’m tired (but at least I’ve got the seed beads out of my keyboard so that I can type properly), so I’ll just post a few pictures – and not even of plants. (Those would take far too long!)

A fly, seeming to mock the carnivorous plants by sitting on a Sarracenia flower:

A not-at-all shy mouse that lived in the carnivorous plant greenhouse – probably the most photographed mouse of London. A little girl standing nex to us kept asking her father if she could take it home.

After we had to leave the greenhouses (because it was closing time), we met this peacock, who was hoping to get some of my crisps. (No way! I was hungry! Also, I don’t think all that salt would have been good for him.)

So Libra fed him some cookies instead:

And I’m so pleased with myself for getting this picture – that peacock was moving fast!

There were some squirrels, too, but they were quite camera-shy, so no pictures.

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