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Kew Gardens: Rain

September 21, 2012

I feel like I “owe” you a proper post, after having been away, but I feel like writing again – writing stories, for the first time in months, so I don’t really want to spend hours picking out and uploading plant pictures. I want to work on “Goblins” and eat that bar of chocolate I’ve promised myself I’d get to eat when I started writing again.

So, I’ll make it quick and post the pictures from when it started pouring just as we were about to leave the Princess of Wales Conservatory (luckily we hadn’t left it yet!)

Part of this pond thingy was under the greenhouse roof – I liked the contrast between the still water there and the rain-lashed water outside.

Rain pouring down over the roof.

At least it was the only rainy day we had. And, as I think I said in an earlier post, it kept the greenhouses from getting too hot.

… humph. It’s good I wasn’t planning to write a long post, because my computer seems to have caught a virus again. This is just not funny any more. So much for writing tonight!

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