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Kew Gardens: Princess of Wales Conservatory

September 22, 2012

On to the next greenhouse. As you can see, this one is a lot newer than the Palm House and Water Lily House:

It’s a very confusing building, with lots of different sections and criss-crossing paths that made me completely lose my bearings.

Opuntias and Agaves in the entrance area.

Spiny monstrosities though they are, I love the patterns on Agave leaves.

Although in some cases, they just look fake.

As if they’ve been painted on!

I suffer from cactus blindness and often couldn’t see the tags, so don’t expect me to know names…

Doesn’t this one look as if it’ll come crawling towards you like some creepy, many-legged animal?

A sign in front of this Hechtia argentea says, “This plant was exhibited at Brussels in 1864.” Impressive – I would not have guessed it is that old!

I didn’t think much of this picture – it’s a little blurry, and I was getting tired and not really putting any effort into taking pictures any more, but my father said he liked the shot, and he was a professional photographer… didn’t ask just what he sees in it, though. For me, it’s just a random snapshot.

More bromeliads, in a more humid part of the greenhouse. I know very little about bromeliads, too, so once again, don’t expect names.

Passionflowers were everywhere, covering the walls (as you can see in the background of the last picture).

Occasionally my camera can be persuaded to focus on something small and I get something like this larger-than-life picture.

Some of them were quite bizarre!

While the plants are not as tall as in the Palm House, it’s still quite a jungle.

With lot of aroids…

What a strange colour these stalks have!

I’m beginning to feel a little afraid of Tradescantias now…

One more greenhouse to go, and then I’m caught up with my holiday pictures. But right now, there is a story waiting for me, waiting to be written… ah, it’s good to be itching to write again!

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