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Taming the Begonia

September 29, 2012

Another picture-backlog post – this actually happened in mid-July.

My Begonia corallina had been getting quite big – instead of just growing upwards in its place on the windowsill, or even leaning towards the window, as would be logical, it was leaning out into the living room:

It had also gotten quite tall:

So I trimmed it down to about half its previous size:

Everything I chopped off was used as cuttings to grow a bunch of plants to sell at work. I think two of them are almost big enough to sell now.

I always get excited about seeing new canes coming up from the roots – but I should just have cut all the old, thin, crooked ones off completely, because they’re leaning all over the place again by now.

That carved wolf figure is really a pen, which stopped working, so it became one of my Critters in the Greenery (there are dozens of them in the Nettle Nest) and was named Grayfur. The name comes from Fernwithy‘s wonderful Harry Potter fanfictions (she’s the only fanfic author I still read). It’s what Sirius and Regulus called the portrait of Phineas Nigellus when they were children – “great-great-grandfather” turned “greatfather” turned “Grayfur”. I don’t think Phineas would be pleased to have a wolf-shaped pen named after him, but the pen-wolf does have a very stern expression on his face, so it was the most fitting name for him.

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  1. October 13, 2012 16:29

    Hi there! Your Begonia corallina is very tall and lush, almost as tall as you are. Let’s hope that the pruning will cause it be more bushy. Come and have an enjoyable visit at, and I love to read your comments there.

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