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Harvest Monday – October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

I’m not really feeling like blogging right now. Not sure why… in any case, I’ll keep this short again.

There were herbs – chives, parsley, small-leaf basil, oregano, maybe something else I can’t remember:

… and tomatoes under them:

The tomatoes and a part of the herbs went into a pasta salad, the rest of the herbs into pasta sauce made from tomatoes and zucchini from work – I cooked a rather big pot and froze enough for three meals. Like last year, I’m trying to stock my freezer for NaNoWriMo, so I won’t have to spend so much time cooking in November.

And some more chestnuts and hazelnuts:

The last ones for this year, I guess… there’s nothing left on the tree. And considering how many people know about the tree now, I was lucky to get this many.

I’m still not quite at the break-even point for my balcony garden… but creeping closer, one tomato and one cup of tea at a time.

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  1. October 16, 2012 21:52

    You mean orEgano, right?

    And I love chestnuts! Any kind of nuts, really. ā¤

    • October 16, 2012 21:55

      That is one word that I can never remember how to spell, because the botanical name is Origanum!

      • October 19, 2012 22:11

        And I thought you had confused it with the Italian word… that’s spelled with i! Maybe you should go to Italy again! šŸ˜›

      • October 20, 2012 10:31

        Might be part of the reason for my confusion, too. But I don’t like Italian as much as I like Latin.

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