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(Very Belated) Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – October 2012

October 20, 2012

Can you believe I totally forgot about GBBD?

Not that there’s much blooming, anyway. Although I’m pretty excited about one of my few blooming plants:

Soon after moving into the Nettle Nest (almost two years ago now), I bought two Dendrobium bigibbums at half price. I enjoyed their few remaining flowers, and then just… hoped for the best. For a long time, it seemed as if the best I would ever get was one single flower. The plants kept putting out flower stalks, but every time, the buds were so badly damaged by aphids that they never developed into proper flowers. I was getting pretty frustrated, and ready to throw them out – and then it grew another flower stalk! Without aphids! And seven flowers! And the picture doesn’t do the colour justice at all – in truth, it’s a really dark, almost black, bordeaux. (And the burnt spot is from the leaf touching the window – when not in bloom, that plant was shoved up against the glass, hidden behind other, prettier plants.

Other than that…

The morning glories have finally consented to bloom as well:

… as has the bog sage:

… but the balcony garden has gotten messy/sticky/ugly again, and I don’t spend much time out there any more, so I don’t see much of these flowers any more (or the Streptocarpus, Oxalis and Lantana, which are all still blooming and adding to the mess). Not to mention that it’s gotten too cold, and turns dark soon after I come home from work.

I’m just waiting for the first frost to kill everything so I can start cleaning up! Right now, the garden is not much fun any more.

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