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Harvest Monday – October 29, 2012

October 29, 2012

Lots of stuff harvested this week. The first frost was forecast for the weekend (and we actually got snow – the earliest snow in many years), so I needed to get the balcony garden ready for winter and harvest everything that couldn’t take some cold. Some carrots and kohlrabi are still out, and the oca (covered with fleece) and one bell pepper plant (also fleeced up) in the hope that the remaining peppers will still ripen.

I can’t even remember everything I’ve harvested. Luckily I have lists and pictures!

The last of the chard and a pathetically small amount of dried beans. Actually only the runner beans (the black/pink ones) were meant to be dried (for traditional Styrian runner bean salad), the rest are from missed string beans. But I’ll eat everything edible that comes out of the balcony garden!

I had enough chard to freeze some – wish I had thought of this sooner, because so many leaves yellowed and got thrown out when I just didn’t feel like eating chard.

Tomatoes, chives, rosemary and some lettuce that didn’t have enough time to turn into proper heads (not that it matters, the plants were compost heap rescues from work, so they didn’t cost me a cent).

Friday’s harvests – the things that I picked while cleaning up the balcony and just threw into whatever was at hand – mixing bowls, saucers, flower pots…

Lots of currant tomatoes that I still need to sort into ripe and unripe (I’m going to feel very Cinderella-like – they’re even the same size as peas), rosemary for drying, kohlrabi, carrots, a few more peas, a few pathetic sweet potatoes and lots of “lucky clover” (Oxalis tetraphylla) roots – I was pretty surprised by them last year, but this year I actually planted them as a crop. They were the only thing that really did well in the window boxes. I haven’t had time to weigh them yet, but it looks like at least as much as last year.

Not just mini-carrots, but micro-carrots this time – I wanted to empty that planter, and decided I would waste nothing, no matter how tiny!

The colour of this one was awesome, though. I wish I could grow more of them – I keep wondering what carrot cake made out of purple carrots would look like. Or, if you made two batches of batter, one with purple and one with regular orange carrots (or yellow ones… or white), you could make something like marble cake…

Not pictured: the last of the parsley, radishes and garlic chives.

Less than € 23 away from breaking even. Can I make it this year? There are still the tomatoes and Oxalis tubers, those peppers (that I should check on tomorrow morning to see if they made it through the last couple of nights), some chives, and I’m hoping for an OK oca harvest… Well, I’ll see.

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  1. October 31, 2012 02:57

    “I’m hoping for an OK oca harvest”…you must be the first person since the fall of the Inca empire to say that!

    • October 31, 2012 08:10

      I think there are still people in the Andes who say it, too – and their definition of OK is probably a lot different from mine!

  2. October 31, 2012 22:28

    Chard is one of those that I love to freeze. I find it just as good from the freezer as from the garden. I don’t say that about many vegetables. I didn’t freeze any this year as I had so much spinach from spring, but I gave it away so others could freeze it. Good luck on your oca harvest.


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