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NaNoWriMo Week 3 – Lazy Week, Busy Weekend

November 18, 2012

I had the last week off work, and you’d think I’d have written a lot in that time. Nope – I went into full hibernation mode, sleeping extremely long and spending much of my waking hours reading or procrastinating on the internet. There were several days when I didn’t even reach the minimum wordcount.

The weekend, however, has been quite OK. I did get a decent bit of writing done – mostly yesterday, not so much today, because I had discovered thrips on some of my favourite plants in the living room, and bug-murdering always takes precedence over writing.

But, more important than the number of words: I’m actually happy with what I’ve written. Much of the last two chapters will have to be cut and the rest will need a lot of rewriting, too, but I like the one I just finished. I was quite nervous about it at first, because I had no idea how I would free the queen consort, but then, one morning, as I was lying in bed, too lazy to get up, it came together. And when I wrote it, it mostly came out like I wanted it, too.

It’s kind of strange how there are some scenes that I’ll write without being able to picture them at all, and then there are parts like this one, where I hear every echoing footstep… where I have to jump up to try stuff out, rather than just googling all the time. Like getting out a clean dish towel to gag myself  – which is not nearly as effective as fiction makes it seem, so I decided I’d have to knock people out instead, which meant that once I’d pulled the dishtowel from my mouth, I found myself standing next to the bathroom door, picturing a person coming out and swinging a shoe at her imaginary head. Wooden shoes should be hard enough to knock someone out with, right? It’s be a bit hard to try that out, and not just because I don’t own any wooden shoes. I really liked the idea of using a chamberpot, too, but that would probably be noisy enough to alert the guards…

I’ve also prepared a bit for a much later chapter. I doubt I’ll write that one in November.

On Monday, I had to go to the board meeting of my vocational school’s alumni society. I’m not sure why I’m on the board (except as token woman), and I always wish I hadn’t said yes when I was asked, I don’t even know what the society does except publishing a boring newsletter, and I deeply dislike the school’s headmaster, who is also the society’s secretary. I knew I would go mad if I had to spend all evening just looking at the headmaster’s stupid egg-shaped head and self-satisfied grin all evening, so I decided to study everyone else’s faces and use them for the Lords that my prince will face when he goes to take back the throne. Egg-head was still irritating, but at least that kept me amused for a while. Especially when I got my hands on some paper…

It is so useful to have an alphabet that no-one else can read! Of course, the question is, now, whether I can still read it myself – I tend to forget some letters or get others mixed up, and then I switch between languages… but I filled the margins of that whole page with notes like these, brief descriptions of every face around the table – almost twenty of them, nearly enough for all the Lords Larin will have to deal with. I’m so looking forward to casting stupid Egg-head with his self-satisfied grin in a particularly stupid role!

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