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Autumn Clean-Up

December 4, 2012

(Cross-posted/translated from my German blog – so much less work than having to write a whole new post, haha!)

These pictures are pretty old already, about five weeks – I used the last weekend before NaNoWriMo to get my balcony garden ready for winter, and didn’t have time to post about it until now.

This is how it looked before:


Chaos on the windowsill: dying morning glories and houseplants whose outdoor summer holiday was ending:


One of the eggplants thought it was Gandalf: “You shall not pass!”

Solanum melongena

(Does that mean the jasmine on the right is the balrog? Those long vines even look a little whip-like.)

But the real chaos was only starting. Why does the mess always get worse when you start cleaning up?

Chaos am Balkon

But luckily I made it before it grew totally dark: picked all the tomatoes and chopped up the plants, pulled out the bean vines and stuffed everything into a bag (which I threw over my shoulder the next day and marched off to the recycling centre, which luckily is just up the street. I’m sure I looked pretty strange, with that bag almost as big as I am.) Stacked up the pots and railing planters where they’d be protected from the rain, took the houseplants inside and neemed them for the first time (an ongoing project, because there have been nightmare amounts of scale on some plants. I’m not taking any chances.), and crammed the remaining, more-or-less cold-tolerant greenery into one corner and covered them with fleece.



As you can see, I didn’t have time to plant the violas that day (Friday, which was our national holiday, so I wasn’t at work), but I did that on Sunday. I was just glad I got all the non-hardy stuff taken care of that day (just before it got too dark to see), because this is what I woke up to on Saturday:


(Watching the snow falling on Friday evening was seriously weird. There was a flag up across the street, because of the national holiday, and that was the first time I’d seen one surrounded by swirling snow. Apparently snow in October happens only about once in 50 years here.)

The floor tiles looked pretty horrible as well, but it took a few more days until I had time to clean those:


From the street/parking lot, the balcony looks pretty boring now:


The oca is still outside, along with some carrots, kohlrabi, chard, radishes and Asian greens, but that’s all fleeced up and so pretty much invisible. But I still have some spots of colour:

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  1. December 4, 2012 04:04

    It all looks so small without the jungle!

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