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Story-Scribbling Sunday – December 9, 2012: Hibernation

December 10, 2012

Yes, it feels like The Bramble Prince has gone on hibernation, too. I didn’t write anything for a full week… I was itching to write the next scene, but at the same time, simply didn’t have the energy. I finally started it today, when we went to visit the grandparents. I always bring my laptop to write in the car, and then while we are there, when the rest of the family watches TV, I try to write some more. Never works very well, with the TV on, and people talking at the same time, but it keeps me from banging my head on the table in frustration because the conversations are so boring (I don’t bloody care whose jewellery got stolen) and the stuff on TV is so stupid (pregnant teenagers waving their underwear at the camera, what?)

So, I might not have written much, but at least I’ve got the new chapter started. And the characters even started teasing each other a bit… maybe they’re getting a sense of humour after all.

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