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Surprise Flowers

January 9, 2013

I haven’t bothered to open the kitchen window in a while, which means I haven’t moved the Cyperus alternifolius away from the windowsill either. And that means I completely missed this until a few days ago:

Cyperus alternifolius

I mean, they’re not that impressive-looking, but it’s something that hasn’t happened before in the Nettle Nest. It’s also going to be a messy affair, if my experience with C. papyrus is anything to go by. On the other hand, I wonder if I’ll get any seeds… yes, like I need more Cyperuses!

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  1. January 11, 2013 03:22

    I’m pretty sure the last thing any of us needs is another plant 😛

    • January 11, 2013 03:33

      Well, if it were a new and exciting one that I could propagate and sell easily… but I’d rather divide that Cyperus than grow them from seed!


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