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When a Gardening Geek Watches “The Hobbit”…

January 16, 2013

… and she’s watching it for the second time*, and she’s getting a little bored because some of the scenes feel rather drawn-out…she might start to entertain herself by trying to identify the plants in the background. The Shire is a particularly good place for this.

And then she might notice some things that  make her laugh:

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, it was difficult enough to track them down at all.)

Old Bilbo and Frodo leave the house:

old bilbo 1

See the foxglove right in front of Bilbo?

Old Bilbo takes a seat on the garden bench to smoke his pipe:

old bilbo 2

The flowers behind him look suspiciously fake. So far everything has looked quite real and familiar – Digitalis, Argyranthemum, Bidens, Tropaeolum, Symphytum… and either they’ve put something there that I’ve never seen before, or they’ve just draped some fake vines there to quickly change the background. (If I’d been able to find a better-quality picture, I’d have sent it to Liza for her real-or-fake plant puzzlers!)

Then the scene cuts back to Bilbo in the same spot 60 years earlier, but now with perfectly real-looking and identifyable flowers in the background.

young bilbo 1

And then he gets up and walks back to the door:

young bilbo 2

With the same foxglove growing next to the steps! Wow, that’s one long-lived plant!

I know that’s all completely irrelevant, and it’s silly even to notice, but it made me laugh. Two of many giggling fits that must have seemed completely inexplicable to the people sitting next to me. I had the first already in the opening scene (because I remembered how the cinema messed up the first time I watched it, and instead of the proper soundtrack, “Silent Night” was playing during that scene), and then I was stiffling laughter all during the Goblintown scene, because my best friend had turned that into a hairspray commercial with a single muttered comment – I don’t even watch TV, so I wasn’t very familiar with it, but I still nearly fell out of my seat laughing! I should totally try to make that commercial and put it on youtube…)


*which I only did because I decided I wanted to see it in English, too, after first watching it in German with some friends – mostly for the songs. I should just have looked for them on youtube, then I wouldn’t have bothered anyone by humming/singing along.

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  1. January 16, 2013 20:16

    Haha, they played Silent Night? That’s hilarious. Everything about this post makes me giggle. You’re adorable, Ivy!

    I would’ve loved to have real or fake photos from you. I’ll use them any time you find one!

    • January 16, 2013 20:26

      Yup, and that was only one of several things they messed up. Took them four tries to properly start the movie.

      it’s too cold right now to go to any garden centres, but I’ll try to bring the camera the next time I do. Saw some crazy things the last time I went.

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