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Runs in the Family

January 28, 2013

Another random picture, this time one I found while looking through my mother’s photo albums…


My father and me, Christmas 2002 (I assume, from the books we are reading). I like that picture, because it’s from my father that I get my love for reading. As far as I know, most of his family are readers – although I don’t know many of his ten siblings, and only one of the I-don’t-even-know-how-many cousins. With this many children, my father’s family probably didn’t have a lot of money, but I seem to remember they regularly got books, and a few of them have made their way to me.

Sadly, neither of my brothers caught the reading bug. The Clown Brother never learned to read more than a few letters. That’s not his fault, though, so it doesn’t bother me so much. What does bother me is that the Carpenter Brother used to read, in the heyday of Harry Potter… and then he got a computer and a TV, and gave up reading. What a sad existence that must be. (We just happened to talk about that today… seems like he simply doesn’t have any hobbies at all.)

Well, at least the family’s love of reading lives on in me, and I hope I will one day be able to pass it on to another generation!

Speaking of another generation, the expression “runs in the family” also came up in conversation today, making us all laugh. We were visiting my mother’s family (the non-reader side of the family… but I guess you could say I got my love for houseplants from my grandma), and were all laughing at the way my month-old baby cousin was sticking his fist up over his head – and then I remembered a picture from his parents’ wedding last year, where his mother is standing in front of the house with her fist raised, and we started joking about how that runs in the family – “Well, Chipmunk might have have his daddy’s nose, but he definitely has your fists!”

I tried to take a picture of Chipmunk’s pose, but I was laughing too hard to hold the camera still.

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  1. Sugunasri Maddala permalink
    January 28, 2013 03:40

    lovely post! liked it a lot!!


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