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Reading My Height in Books – Mid-Calf

April 2, 2013

A few weeks ago, when I still had time to read blogs, I stumbled on a post by someone who’s planning to read her height in books. And I decided I wanted to do that too. I mean, I’ve probably read the height of my house in books already, but I want to know how long it’ll take me to reach 1.62 metres.

I started on February 1st. On March 16th, I was at about 27.5 cm.

reading chart

My fancy new chart. “The Dragonbone Chair” looks a lot thinner than it really is because I only counted the pages I read after February 1st. And I messed up the order of title and author name there at the top. And that fridge magnet is partially covering one of the titles. And my handwriting is more messy than I’d like…  But I still like the chart.

15. Daniela Winterfeld: Der geheime Name [The Secret Name] (new, German): a modern-day version of the Rumpelstilzkin tale, and a very enjoyable read!

16. Paulo Coelho: Die Schriften von Accra (Manuscript Found in Accra) (new, German): Meh. I know some people love Coelho, but I can’t remember anything about this book, except a vague feeling of “too preachy”.

17. Wolf Zerkowski/Rolf Fuhrmann: Kleidung des Mittelalters selbst anfertigen: Grundausstattung für die Frau [Make Your Own Medieval Garb: Basic Equipment for Women] (new, German): I need to make myself a new dress for historical dance, and I hope this book will be a bit of help with that. It might come in useful for my story-scribbling, too.

18. Tad Williams: The Dragonbone Chair (reread, English),
19. Tad Williams: Stone of Farewell (reread, English)

(Walter Moers: Der Pinguin [The Penguin] – A Very Graphic Novel (new): This doesn’t even deserve a number, because it only contained a handful of words. Sometimes vaguely funny, but not something I would have bought for myself.)

20. Tad Williams: To Green Angel Tower: Part 1 (reread, English) &
21: Tad Williams: To Green Angel Tower: Storm (reread, English): Memory, Sorrow and Thorn is my favourite series, of course I had to sing its praises in a separate post!

22. Isaac Marion: Mein fahler Freund (Warm Bodies) (reread, German): My best friend wanted to see the movie (but we never got around to it), so I needed to reread it so we could have our usual nag-fest (which we find strangely entertaining). I still don’t care for zombie stories, but this one is quite nice. Funny, too, in some parts.

book pile

Of course, there must also be the traditional book-pile picture. Sadly, it’s blurry. And I can’t be bothered to get up again and take another one.

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  1. April 3, 2013 22:50

    This sounds like great fun to try, but how am I supposed to measure ebooks? (insert puzzled face emoticon here….) I’m curious now how mine would turn out. And thankful that I’m not in the NBA.

    • April 3, 2013 23:15

      Hehe, yeah, e-books would be difficult. But Amazon usually lists the size of books, too, so you could look up how thick the paperbacks would be…

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