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April 7, 2013

Spring! Sunshine!* Customers! Garden work! (And, as of Friday, a plot in the nearby community garden, but the ground is still too wet to do anything there.)

The remaining railing planters are finally planted, with radishes, salad greens, chard, herbs – although some of those are still missing. Marjoram, basil of course (much too cold for that), the lemon balm and lovage have died – I’ll later plant them where the violas are growing now. And the peas are also finally sowed.


Rettiche, Karotten und Rüben

Radishes, carrots and turnips.

Noch nicht sooo ordentlich....

Still a bit messy…

Auch die Primel hat die Kälte überlebt.

The primrose has survived the cold weather… for a while, I had my doubts!


Some tulip species – isn’t it cute?

Blick von oben

Looking down.




Pea pots

Viola cornuta 'Coconut Swirl'

It’s a difficult spring, not just for gardeners, but also for plant nurseries – with the current cold weather, unending winter, who wants to buy flowers or vegetable plants? And if we don’t sell the spring flowers soon, we’ll have to throw them out, either because they’re simply not looking good enough any more, or the season is over, or because we need the space for something else… So, even if the weather is unpleasant where you are, please, please, please, head out to the nearest plant nursery and buy yourself a bit of spring!



* Well… for a little while, anyway.

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  1. April 7, 2013 02:35

    Bellis! You have bellis! I love bellis! Looking good! I like exclamation marks today!

    • April 7, 2013 02:46

      Well, I actually gave those to my aunts and cousins, but it’s a really cute variety.
      Personally, I find the anemones hard to resist. I want to buy all of them!

      • April 7, 2013 04:12

        I was at Home Depot the other day and they had some drool worthy violet anemone…I had to try so hard not to buy all of them! They really are beautiful

  2. April 7, 2013 14:06

    I love violas and pansies. My violas just come up every year in the garden, but in the spring I buy pansies for the pot outside my front door.

    • April 7, 2013 20:33

      I’ve found a couple of self-seeded violas as well. Pansies, I’m not too fond of (which makes it hard to sell them to my customers!)

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