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Story-Scribbling Sunday – April 7, 2013

April 7, 2013

Yes, I’m scribbling stories again! At last – it’s been months!

About two or three weeks ago, somewhat bored while spending day after day alone in the back room, pricking out tomato seedlings, my brain started itching with stories again.

One of the secondary characters in Masks, Mandai, has always been a rather frustrating person –  for years, she refused to tell me what job she intended to take. Eventually, she decided she wanted to be a photographer, and the people she was going to work for were a gay couple, acquaintances of Theresa and Sophie, the main characters of my 2011 NaNoWriMo story Goblins (who are friends with the main character of Masks. The Kivailo world stories are so connected with each other that it’s just not funny any more!)

That was already more than I wanted to know, and for a long time, it was all I knew about the matter. But now, that gay couple was insisting on telling me all about their lives, and just would not shut up, telling me more and more and more while I sat there with my tomato seedlings.

The decision to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April was a pretty spontaneous one. I had a story that was asking to be written, I even had a title (First Fridays, because everything significant that happens in Gregor and Jakob’s lives seems to happen on the first Friday of the month), and Camp allows you to set your own wordcount goal now, so I didn’t have to aim for 50,000 words, which I know would be pretty impossible to reach with work getting busy, and garden work at home, too. So I aimed for only 10 K, but after a week, I’m already more than halfway there. Looking at my (very vague) outline, I’m already about halfway through the story, too, so maybe this will really be as short and quick a story as it seemed.

Maybe I’ll also write the sequel, Fourteen, before the month is over!

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