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Out of Control

April 8, 2013

My shelf of books waiting to be read never gets all the way empty, but I don’t think it’s ever been this full.

TBR shelf

And it’ll just get worse, because I’m constantly thinking of books I want to buy or reread, and my best friend wants to lend me books, and I’m supposed to be writing, and gardening, and work is about to get busy… And as if ordinary books weren’t “bad” enough, I’ve now pretty much decided that I will really buy the Don Rosa Collection. For a little while, I was less sure, because I was considering going to World Fantasy Convention (since several friends were planning to go, and it’s in Brighton this year, not really far away at all), but just when I had decided to go, it was sold out. Literally on the same day. Fate, I suppose. So I’ll just console myself with more books and comics…

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