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Harvest Monday – June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

It seems I didn’t take many pictures this week. There have been lettuce and arugula and lots of herbs, and:


First decent pea harvest of the year – 150 g of ‘Ambrosia’. These do so much better on the windowsill than in one of the balcony planters – last year I got a laughable 30 g all year.

Also, this from the community garden:

The speckled lettuce and the chard went to my best friend, who I’m sharing the plot with, and I kept the other lettuce. Needed a break from all the Lollo Rosso and Lollo Bionda from the balcony, and it’s delicious!

Also, it is so hot that my brain is entirely fried, and so humid that I feel like I’m breathing lukewarm mud and my watering cans are dripping condensation all over the place.

And in other news, keep your fingers crossed for me because I just asked for a review copy of Tad Williams’ next book. There are more important things I would ask you to cross your fingers for, but then I would have to tell you what they are, and I’m worried about jinxing them. Yes, I’m superstitious.

… I guess it’s time to take my fried and babbling brain off to bed.

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  1. June 18, 2013 01:09

    Very pretty peas. Good luck on your review copy and I hope it cools down for you soon.

  2. June 18, 2013 02:25

    Greens and peas look great! Nice to have a friend to share your garden plot with! Fun!

    • June 18, 2013 07:10

      I wouldn’t be able to take care of the plot by myself – but yes, it’s fun, too!

  3. permalink
    June 18, 2013 04:15

    This is very fresh !

  4. June 18, 2013 04:19

    Great harvest, that head of lettuce is beautiful!!


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