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Member of the DA!

June 19, 2013

Thanks to anyone who kept their fingers crossed for me on Monday – this was in my inbox yesterday:

[Ivy], you’re definitely in, watch this space for messages soon!
Best wishes
That’s  Deborah Beale, Tad Williams’ wife, and Tad is my favourite, favourite author, and grinning hugely about this (“this” being a review copy of “Happy Hour in Hell”) is as close to fangirling about anything as I’m ever going to get.
Of course, it’s not because I’m such an awesome book blogger (goodness, how long has it even been since I last posted a book review? I’m scared to check) but because I spend such a lot of time on Tad’s message board, and loyalty obviously gets rewarded.
I don’t know who named the group who get review copies “Deborahdore’s Army” – was it Deborah herself, or Strangeshe at the message board? – but I love the name and I love that I get to be part of it!
And since you’re obviously good at it, can you keep your fingers crossed for a couple of things I can’t/don’t dare to talk about yet?
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