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A Walk in the Garden

June 30, 2013

… once again.

I think I’m finally getting out of my blogging slump (mostly because I’m getting bored with the stupid things that I’ve kept myself busy with in the meantime). Still, just an easy post to start out with, and then we’ll see if I can make myself finish those half-written, hand-scribbled ones I have been too lazy for in the last month. Thus, a walk in the garden:




I think I can rightfully call my balcony “the greenest in Small Town” again.



The ‘Golden Sweet’ and ‘Blauwschokker’ peas are nicely covering the ugly wall, but I haven’t gotten much of a harvest so far. Maybe it’s already been too hot. (It was definitely too hot for me for a while. Right now, it’s nice.)


The balcony is just too small to take good pictures of the tomato pots.


Peppers and stocks.


The cucumber is taller than me, and (unlike the peas) promising a good harvest this year. I’ve already eaten the first.


The eggplants, water melons and cantaloupes haven’t been put into their proper planters yet and are still blocking my table. But it’s been either too hot or too cold to eat outside anyway, so I didn’t really need the table (until today, that is. Today was nice.)


The back corner without the table. The pot tower has sweet potatoes in it this year, and the bags on the wall, tomatoes and strawberries, and there are some pole beans struggling up between them.


Flowers – and far too many passionflowers – on the windowsill.

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  1. July 1, 2013 00:05

    It is amazing how many plants you get into your small balcony garden. I’m such a failure at potted plants. I always let them die. Inside now I only have one and since it is an aloe plant, if I forget to water it for a month, it will still survive.

    • July 1, 2013 21:25

      Hehe, yeah, since I don’t have your garden, I have to make the best of what I have. 🙂 Watering is a bother, though.

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