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Harvest Monday Tuesday – July 15 16, 2013

July 16, 2013

Late again this week. There has been too much going on in the last couple of days, some good, some bad, and I needed time to just be lazy and chatter with online friends, some of whom were there, while the rest wished they could have been there.

Anyway. Pictures, and few words. I think I have used all my words up scribbling in my journal on the way home on Saturday.





I don’t even know what this kohlrabi weighs yet, because my kitchen scales don’t go higher than 500 g. It seems heavier than a 1 kg packet of sugar, in any case. I started eating it today, and despite it’s massive size and weird shape, it’s still nice and tender.

There was also another another cucumber and a few strawberries that didn’t get photographed because my mother harvested them when she watered my balcony garden while I was off chatting with a famous author. At least she weighed them.


And from the community garden:


We’re already finding it difficult to keep up with eating them…

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