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Having a Life Is Exhausting

August 6, 2013

Normally, my social life consists of Sunday afternoons with my best friend, once-a-month dance practise and occasional visits to various family members. Which leaves me plenty of time for just curling up at home all by myself, to read, play with my plants, and write blog posts.

I haven’t done nearly enough of these things lately. First because it was May, and work was too busy and I was too tired to do anything but wasting time on the internet. Then it was June, and I had just gotten too used to spending my evenings wasting time on the internet. And then it was July, and my live suddenly got a lot busier than usual.

July started with the medieval fair in Big Town, where I met up with my dance group… we started dancing at 3 o’clock and finally stopped at almost midnight (OK, we did take breaks in between.) We invaded the performances of the Viennese dance group, had our own semi-official performance, and danced with lots of random strangers (of which some were drunk and some belonged to a Bavarian dance group.

A couple of days later, I travelled to Germany to have ice cream with my favourite author (which, yes, I’m going to write more about. I just still haven’t had the time.)

The weekend after that, some friends came to visit. Not as many as originally planned, but still enough to keep me busy.  Although even if they hadn’t been there, I would have been busy wandering around the street performance festival in Big Town. It was just a lot more fun to do it with company – awesomely silly company.

Then my grandma’s 80th birthday, which meant far too much family. Family is exhausting. Spending too much time among people is exhausting for me anyway, but my family is a lot more draining than most of my friends. It might be because with my friends I can have actual, interesting (and awesomely silly) conversations, while with my family I have to endure mind-numbing small talk.

And the next day, picnic with my dance group. Who are awesomely silly as well. It was hot, so we spent most of the day lounging in the shade, with me using a water melon as a pillow, interrupted only by eating and brief bits of wandering a big, beautiful castle ruin.  When it finally cooled off enough that we could consider dancing, it became quite apparent that we are focussing more on having fun than on dancing well.

A couple more days of frantic organizing and packing and plant-watering and then I was off to the Netherlands, for my yearly trip to Castlefest. It was freakishly hot there, too (this was the first time at Castlefest that I didn’t get soaked once, except by sweat – not a single bit of rain), so there were fewer stunning costumes than in other years, but the Castlefest crowd still has a higher percentage of things like kilts and tricorn hats than the general population, and also more pretty dresses and skirts that I want to steal off people, and lots of good-looking long-haired men, people randomly playing the hurdy-gurdy or the hammered dulicmer, and AC/DC songs played on bagpipes, and people blowing bubbles, and people applauding by blowing horns, and vendors selling far too many shiny things… we do literally go, “Shinies!” at almost every stall. Considering that I do need a new bicycle and new glasses, I should probably not have spent so much on those earcuffs, but damn it, I wanted a shiny!

But right now, what I want most of all, is a weekend of not doing anything at all. Of not seeing any people, not talking to anyone, just staying at home and read and mess around with plants and write stories and blog posts…

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  1. August 11, 2013 23:32

    Your videos are awesome – it looks like you’re having a great time. I’m glad you shared them, Ivy!

    • August 12, 2013 07:13

      It still surprises me how much I enjoy dancing – and how little I mind doing it in public.


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