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(Belated) Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

August 17, 2013

Oops. Completely forgot about GBBD this month! Well, it’s not as if I have anything particularly interesting blooming anyway.

gbbd100_8579sOn the balcony, I keep missing the few flowers that are actual flowers, not blooming vegetables, because they are way up over my head, like this passion flower and bog sage.



Indoors, one of the begonias is also hitting the ceiling, which means it’s taller than me again – I am certainly not touching the ceiling when I stand on my windowsill. And it also means it’s time to cut that plant back again and take some cuttings and grow more plants to sell.


The other begonia is behaving itself well, staying nice and small at the kitchen window and growing a couple of leaves in addition to its first flowers. I think when I brought it home in May, it had all of two leaves. Possibly only one… I think one of the two fell victim to being carried around in a shopping bag all day…



A tiny Dendrobium hiding away at the end of the living room windowsill. It’s actually cuter in the picture than it is in person.


And an Aechmea lurking in the jungle that is my living room window, waiting to scratch my hands or tip over and spill water all over when I try to do anything on that windowsill…

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  1. August 18, 2013 04:27

    Any idea which begonia that is?

    • August 18, 2013 20:46

      The newish one? Possibly ‘Lucerna’, but I really don’t know. The market where I bought it is one of the few places I can get not-so-common plants, but most of the stallholders are terrible about IDs.

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