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A Yellow One at Last

September 10, 2013

I have a soft spot for Abutilons. I only had two, though, an orange-ish red one that is descended from a pretty huge plant that my mother used to have, and an A. pictum that I got from the Apprenticeship Place (nasty place to work at, but they taught me a lot and they had some neat plants). I’ve tried rooting cuttings of various other colours for years – white, dark red, yellow – but never had any luck. For something that’s supposedly so easy to grow, I sure have trouble with Abutilons.

Although, last year, I managed to root a few cuttings from my own plants, and sell them at work. Which was an additional motivation to get another variety. I love plants that I can earn money with.

But the only ones I ever saw for sale were far too big and far too expensive. I keep my own plants at a manageable size by never repotting them and always forgetting the fertilizer – I just don’t have the space for more plants as tall as myself.

But now, at last, I have a third one:


We went on a work-related trip last week, which involved an insane amount of photos, which I should probably post at some point, and a visit to a plant nursery (because we don’t see one of those every day, you know…) and unlike the chain stores around here, they had small and reasonably priced Abutilons. They probably grow their own, too, instead of buying them from god-knows-where like the chain stores do (we saw several huge and extremely expensive ones, too, which is probably where the cuttings come from). And actually, I didn’t have to pay a single cent because my boss insisted on buying it for me.

So next year, I’ll grow some for sale again. They were pretty popular last year. I tried to grow some this year, too, but once again couldn’t get them to root. Not sure what I did different last year…

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  1. September 13, 2013 13:08

    How pretty- the flowers look like giant buttercups!

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