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Story-Scribbling Sunday – September 15, 2013: Feeling Protective

September 15, 2013

For a couple of days this week, I had a lot of story ideas bubbling in my brain all day, so that I came home and wrote several pages of notes. Still mostly worldbuilding, and some ideas on characters… of the plot, there still are only bits and pieces. I guess coming up with a plot is still my weak point, but I will find something. I have to find something. I’m trying to be as confident about this story as I am excited.

And I am excited. More than that, I am something that I have never really been before: I’m feeling really protective about this story. I never used to mind talking about my stories online, giving away much of the plot, because it felt like nobody would ever get to read the finished story anyway.

But this time? I have a magic system that’s like nothing I’ve ever read/heard of before, and I’m toying with several other ideas that I’ve not often seen in fantasy books, and in some cases never.

I mean, for all I know, somebody has already written all these things and I just haven’t heard of them, or some far more talented writer than me is just working on them while I babble here on my blog, but if not? I want these ideas to be mine. Maybe it’s conceited of me, maybe the ideas aren’t all that good, but… I don’t want to risk anyone “stealing” them.

So Story-Scribbling Sunday posts about Rocks and Reeds [working title] are going to be very vague. There’s only one person I will talk to freely, and that’s my best friend. As of this month, we have known each other for twenty years, and have been best friends for almost as long (we would celebrate the anniversary if we could come up with a good way to celebrate it) and I trust her more than any other person in my life.

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t trust her this much. After all, we spend much of our time together chattering about stories, discussing every detail of what we’re writing, or planning to write, developing ideas together… I don’t think I would write half as much if I didn’t have her. (Oh, heck, I probably wouldn’t be writing at all, since she was the one who said, “Why don’t you write this stuff down?” back in primary school.)

It’s funny… when we left after the second Tad Williams reading in Stuttgart, I said, “Of course, now I think of a question to ask Tad – whether he does ever get so excited about something he’s just written or come up with that he just wants to tell everyone about it, but he can’t, because he can’t give it away before it’s published.” (Which I could ask him on the message board any day, but I kind of want to save the question until I meet him in person again.)

And now I’m in this position, where I want to chatter about all the ideas I have, but I can’t, because maybe, just maybe (if I come up with a proper plot) this might be something I could try to get published.



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  1. September 16, 2013 09:19

    Best of luck with your idea! 🙂

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