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EU Seed Law – Please, Please, Please Don’t Let This Happen

October 8, 2013

I haven’t been following this topic as closely as I should. (And why is it that I’ always dead tired when I’ trying to write about it?) From what I heard, it’s no longer as bad as it as it was when I first heard about it (which was in May, when work is really busy, hence the not-paying-attention) – apparently now they are making exceptions for home gardeners and small companies, but it’s still far from good. It’s still an attack on heirloom varieties and biodiversity.

And now the EU is moving on to the next step, with the law being discussed in the European Parliament.

From what I’ve read, Austria was the first country where there was a real public outcry against the law (and I still don’t know if other countries ever followed our example), but even here, the government didn’t care enough to offer any real resistance.

Up until December 4th, members of parliament can suggest changes to the law, and I hope that they do. Lots and lots of changes.

I just don’t know enough about politics to know what to do. Sign petitions (I’ve linked to several in the post I’ve linked to above). Spread the word, as much as I can… so please, if you read this, spread it too. For what it’s worth, let’s speak out against this.


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