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Story-Scribbling Sunday – October 20, 2013: Unorganized and Unmotivated

October 20, 2013

I don’t know what is wrong with me this year. NaNoWriMo is eleven days away, I haven’t done any planning for my novel for weeks, I don’t have a single meal in the freezer and not a single post pre-written and scheduled for November. And out of those eleven days, I will lose two days to travelling. And I still need to prepare so many things for that, too. There are books I need to read first, and I need decent clothes, and I promised my friends chocolate (and the chocolate shop’s stupid opening hours sabotaged my plans for yesterday) and I need to decide what bag to use and I need to look at the schedules and…

Yeah, I can’t even write about writing right now. It’s no wonder that I can’t think about my story when my mind is too busy with other things.  And most of the time, I’m just too tired to actually do anything, which is not helping.

So if there was ever a year when I was in danger of losing NaNo, it’s this one. Dreadfully unprepared, and still no idea of where I want to go with my story – as excited as I still am about the world/magic system, the plot is still lacking – and not even at home for the first few days of November… starting the month at the World Fantasy Convention could be really inspiring, or really distracting, or really depressing by making me feel like I will never be that good anyway.

But I can’t even think about that very much. I’m too busy thinking about which bag I should use for my check-in luggage… shabby old canvas travelling bag? Borrow a suitcase from my mother (and then spend an eternity at the luggage claim because it looks like every other damn black suitcase and I don’t recognize it? Or my ancient flea-market-bought canvas rucksack? I’m not sure it would be big enough, but I feel weird travelling without it, especially to a fantasy-related thing, since I’m working on embroidering quotes from fantasy literature on it.

I should find some scales and see which of them weighs the least. I need to be able to carry as many books as possible.

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