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“That’s a Convention Line”

November 5, 2013

One of the things I love about the friends* I have made on the Tad Williams Message Board is the wonderfully weird conversations we have.  Usually online, but when we meet in “real life”, we still say a lot of weird things. And because I’m the sort of person who writes everything down, I spent the con with a Very Important Piece of Paper in my bag, to write down random things we said, or overheard random people saying.  And because my brain still doesn’t work well enough to write an actual report (yesterday I was too tired, today I have a cold), here’s the list:

“And that’s why Neil and I can never be friends, he just has too much freaking hair.”
– Tad Williams, talking about Neil Gaiman

“Why would you do it hanging upside-down in a disco?”
“To make it harder.”
– two of my friends

“I’m sorry, but this weekend has had too many Saturdays already.”
– a friend

“I’m not very good at being an introvert.”
– a friend

“Just because we’re geeks does’t mean we don’t like booze.”
– a friend

He wasn’t late, California was.”
– a friend

“You do realize we’ve just walked out of a hotel full of weird people saying weird things, and you are wondering about people carrying sofas?”
– me

“That’s a convention line. Seriously, you’ve dropped your banana is a convention line.”
– random person in a hallway

“And nobody told them, they’re all writers, so you’re going to have 800 people in that bar.”
– random person smoking a cigarette outside the con hotel

“I agree with you on everything except Quidditch.”
– Patrick Rothfuss, coming out of a panel

“No, it wasn’t nighttime and daytime magic, it was nighttime and daytime logic.”
– Ellen Kushner to Patrick Rothfuss

“I’m too soft-hearted to be a historical fantasist.”
– one of the panelists on “Writing Historical Fantasy”, before the panel started

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a Viking?”
– me


* I do not call people “friend” easily, but those people are friends, even the ones I only get to meet every few years.

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