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[NaNoWriMo] Playing Catch-Up

November 27, 2013

I’ve never been as far behind as this year. Partly, I can blame it on starting the month in Brighton, and being utterly distracted by convention awesomeness and wonderful friends. But partly it is also due to a serious case of procrastinitis this year – I have never been so disorganized and unprepared and just all-around unmotivated before. Most of the time, I would rather bumble around the internet reading silly things or goofing around with friends than focus on writing.

And Rocks and Reeds just wasn’t working at all. I still love the idea, but I need more time to develop. I know so little about the plot and the characters, I will need time to explore without the pressure of a wordcount and a deadline to meet.

So after about 1000 words of Rocks and Reeds (and about 14 K of WFC reports – not all on the blog – which totally count towards my wordcount this year) I decided to cheat on it with another story, and went back to the Kivailo world and First Fridays, which I started earlier this year. And: I finished it. It’s far from perfect, of course, and I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything with it (I don’t think it’s really interesting to anyone but me, since it’s basically just exploring the lives of various minor characters), but it’s done. I think that’s the first time in ten years that I could write “the end.” Not that I actually did, but if I wanted to, I could.

And then right on to the sequel, Fourteen, exploring more minor characters. That one is up to about 17 K now, which puts me at 34174 words total.

34174 down. 15826 still to go. Four days left. I have never been so behind.

And yet – I feel like I can actually do it. Not quite 4000 words a day? Totally do-able. Especially since (excuse me while I cackle) I won’t be working during those four remaining days. (Or, in fact, any more at all this year. I should probably not be so happy about being unemployed for two months every year, but I really enjoy my “hibernation”.)

So, as long as I keep the procrastination in check for those four days – somehow always even harder on days when I have no other commitments – I should be fine. And maybe I can even beat my record of 6666 words in a day. Even if that was a lovely number. Maybe I can make it to 7777?


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