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My Holiday Cacti Say “Happy Holidays”

December 24, 2013

… by starting to bloom again just in time for Christmas Eve:



I hope you have a lovely day, everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

I’m still not really in a Christmas mood, thanks to a lack of snow and enthusiastic children in my life, although listening to carols helps a little – some of them played by my favourite medieval band, others silly children’s songs… and then I spent an eternity trying to track down a song that I had heard my mother’s choir sing a few times… I only remembered bits of the lyrics, and had no idea how to spell them… Austrian dialects are fun. But I eventually found a video that comes close to how I remember the song from the last time I heard it:

I’ll try to translate the lyrics…

Is finster draußt

Is finster draußt, is koit und stad,
immer amoi der Schneewind waht.
Drum mach nur auf wanns klopft auf d’Nacht,
hör ins Dunkl und gib Acht.
Vielleicht kimmt scho die Zeit,
vielleicht kimmt scho die Zeit.

It’s Dark Outside

It’s dark outside, it’s cold and quiet,
sometimes the snow wind is blowing.
Therefore just open when there’s a knock at night,
listen into the dark and pay attention,
maybe the time is coming already,
maybe the time is coming already.

Kimmt scho die Zeit auf die ois woart,
spat im Joahr und gfroarn stoa hoart.
Do wird Maria Botschaft gsagt,
du bist die unterm Herzn tragt
das Heil der ganzen Welt,
das Heil der ganzen Welt.

Comes the time everyone is waiting for,
late in the year and frozen hard as stone.
Then Mary is given the message,
you are the one who carries under her heart,
the salvation of the entire world,
the salvation of the entire world.

Das Heil der Welt, mach auf wanns kimmt,
grad erscht wann’s koa andrer nimmt.
Sand unter uns wia damals heut,
guate vü und schlechte Leut.
Tua auf wanns klopft, tua au.

The salvation of the world, open [the door] when it comes,
only when no-one else takes it in.
There are among us today, just as then,
many good and also bad people.
Open when it knocks, open up.

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