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Harvest Monday – January 20, 2014

January 21, 2014

(Let’s ignore the fact that it’s technically already Tuesday here… for years, my signature at a message board was, “I don’t believe in midnight. Tomorrow starts at sunrise.” and I still stand by that statement.)

I walked by the community garden on Sunday – mostly because I’ve challenged to leave the house every day this month, and there’s just nothing to do here on Sundays, but partly also because I wanted to know if there was anything edible left among icky dead salad greens. And yes, there was:

Raphanus sativus

Raphanus sativus

I’ve finally managed to grow some ‘Red Flesh’ radishes. I wasn’t impressed with the taste after eating the first few slices, but the rest is decently spicy. And it certainly looks awesome.


(And thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Monday, even when she has no harvests of her own right now.)

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  1. January 21, 2014 14:34

    It does look awesome. I love radishes that have different color rings.

  2. January 21, 2014 17:41

    I worked overnight shifts for a couple different jobs for about six years, and I had the hardest time explaining to people that “Wednesday,” for me, started at about 5 PM Wednesday when I got up, and that it kept being Wednesday until I went to sleep at 7 AM Thursday. I mean, it seemed straightforward enough to me, but only my fellow night-shift workers ever understood.

    • January 21, 2014 21:19

      Makes perfect sense to me – I’ve never worked night shifts, but I am by nature a very nocturnal creature.

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