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Book Review Backlog – Summer

January 28, 2014
summer books

I don’t actually have two copies of Happy Hour in Hell (well, ok, I do, but one of them is a pdf), so one of those is just some random other book with the Happy Hour dust cover.

1. Tad Williams, Happy Hour in Hell (new, English): my first advance copy, of course it got its own post.

2. Tom Holt, Barking (new, English): I remember more about where I read the book (it was quite idyllic) than about the book itself. I think it was sort of funny, but not quite my sense of humour.

3. Naomi Novik, Drachenbrut (His Majesty’s Dragon) (new, German): A nice, quick read, but I have issues with how many different kinds of dragons there are. Top predators of that size wouldn’t have a big enough population to evolve into so many different species. (Yes, I realize that dragons are entirely fictional, but still, this bothers me.)

4. Tad Williams, The Dirty Streets of Heaven (reread, English): reviewed here.

5. Tad Williams, Happy Hour in Hell (new, English): yes, I read this twice in one month before I felt like I could write a review for it.

6. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (reread, English): for my yearly In Honour of September 1st post.

7. Kerstin Gier, Silber. Das erste Buch der Träume [Silver. The First Book of Dreams] (new, German): This ended up in my possession in a rather absurd way… I have no idea why anyone gave my father a book aimed at teenage girls, and he passed it on to me. Not really my age group, either… As far as I remember, it was pretty funny at times, but I don’t really feel the need to read the rest of the series when it comes out.

8. Farley Mowat, People of the Deer (new, English): A flea market purchase, which I bought mostly because I have very fond memories of Mowat’s Never Cry Wolf (howls of laughter while reading in public, always fun…), but this was actually rather depressing.

9. Karen Miller, The Prodigal Mage (new, English): Decent enough book as far as I remember, plot-wise and magic-wise, but … look, giving characters a distinct way of speaking is good, but when it gets to the point where how they say it is distracting me from what they say, it’s a bit much.

10. Falter Basics – Grundkurs Kochen [Basic Cooking Course] (new, German): I was talking to my mother about how I always seem to cook the same ten things, and she lent me this. Ages ago, actually. Well, I’ve read it now, but I still haven’t added anything to my cooking repertoire… The most that I remember is that it had funny, rhyming titles for each recipe…

11. Neil Gaiman, Stardust (reread, English): I needed a quick book to make my reading goal before the autumn equinox, and this was just as cute and magical as I remembered. (I just wish I’d known that Neil would be at WFC, then I would have brought it to get it signed.)

reading chart

Reading my height in books: waist-high. And high enough to reach the fun fridge magnets (yes, my door frames are magnetic). The top one is from the old Shadowmarch website, without which my life would be very different.

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