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February 4, 2014

My houseplants are kind of irritating me right now.

  • Thrips, everywhere.
  • Scale, on a couple of plants I don’t want to throw out because they’d be hard to replace
  • which means dragging all the goddamn greenery to the bathroom to be sprayed, several weekends in a row
  • which means my bathroom will be a goddamn mess every weekend
  • while moving plants to the bathroom for the first round of spraying, I also found a mealybug.
  • several amaryllises with mosaic virus
  • including one that I sold (it was a dormant bulb when I sold it, so I didn’t notice, and now I feel really bad about selling a plant that wasn’t healthy)
  • most of my dracaenas have brown patches on their leaves, some to the point of looking utterly ugly (and I may just throw them out if they keep behaving like this)
  • my Tetrastigma got mad at me again, because of my erratic watering, and dropped about 0.5 m of a new vine
  • my bottle of neem is almost empty
  • there’ve been weird things going on with neem for a while now, at one point we were not allowed to sell it, then we were allowed to sell it again, now apparently it’s forbidden again – I couldn’t ask my boss, because I’m not yet back at work, but I’ve been in two stores and neither had any neem
  • in fact, neither had any insecticide I was interested in buying (and seriously, are people actually paying € 10 for what’s essentially a spray bottle of water with a bit of canola?)

So now I’m hoping that my attempt to order neem online will work, and I’ll make the last bit in the bottle last until I get more, and all the goddamn bugs die, and I get a house-elf to scrub my bathroom for me.

On the upside, most of the plants that need to be repotted have been repotted, and most of the plants that can be propagated have been propagated (it’s lucky I’m done, because now I’m out of potting mix), and we’ve had two sunny days, which was nice for me, and I’m sure my plants enjoyed it as well, and I’ve remembered to add some fertilizer to their water, and I rearranged the plants at the living room window and I like it much better now.

Sorry, no pictures today. I don’t think I have any interesting new ones, and anyway, the camera is somewhere out of reach and I’m too lazy to get up and get it now.


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  1. February 9, 2014 04:24

    I’ve actually had really good luck with the spray that’s basically canola oil and water. It does also include a surfactant so it actually sticks. It’s amazing on scale and spider mites. Then again it’s also not 10 euros for us either

    • February 9, 2014 05:19

      I can imagine it works, but you probably have to hit the bugs directly for it to work. Which would make spraying all the plants about three times as much work as it already is – one of the things I like about neem is that it’s systemic.
      Luckily, I was actually able to get some online – I might grumble about the EU sometimes, but in this case it was nice not to have to worry about customs! I’m not even grumbling about shipping costs (much).

      • February 9, 2014 05:40

        Yeah I only use it when I move the plants inside when I can hose them off and leave them out to dry. I’ve never actually used neem before

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