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February 16, 2014

I’ve been working on getting the houseplant collection into a better shape, and the work seems to be paying off. Leaves are already looking greener after I remembered to give them some fertilizer once, and I’m finding more dead bugs than living ones, which makes me feel a lot better about the mess it makes to drag all the plants to the bathroom to spray them.

I also did some air-layering, because my Ficus elastica is looking like this:

Ficus elastica

And yesterday, as I was moving plants back to the window after being sprayed (which is why that Ficus is standing all by itself, usually there are a lot more plants there) I noticed this:

Ficus elastica


I was surprised to see them, because it felt like it happened so quickly, but looking at my records, it has been about a month.

I’ll still leave it alone for a while, so it can grow more roots before I cut it off and replant it. And then we’ll see if the stump will resprout…

I think this Ficus was the first plant on which I tried out air-layering, back at my old job. After my instructor had showed us how to do it, one fellow apprentice and I decided to try it ourselves, on two branches of the same Ficus, and a few weeks later, both of us had a plant we got to take home. Since then, I’ve done it at home a few times.

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