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[The Last King of Osten Ard] Have Some Cake

April 6, 2014

Last King of Osten Ard

I meant to post all sorts of things, like some of Tad’s words about his new epic, and maybe quote stuff from my diary from last summer – I scribbled for five hours straight on the train home from Stuttgart, where Tad told us he was returning to Osten Ard. But I’ve been partying for nearly five hours with no moment to breathe, plus I don’t even know how many hours pre-partying and preparing stuff, including this cake.

Which, in case it’s not obvious (it was decorated with more enthusiasm than skill, after all), has a map of Osten Ard on it, and the symbol of the League of the Scroll, because that’s our name for the seven of us who knew about Tad’s plans months ago.


We are the Seven
who knew

We are the Seven
who stayed true

We are
Ylvs, the mother
Magpie, the gardener
Libra, the keeper
Cyan, the blue
Firsfron, the teacher
Olaf, the collector
Sahi, our Lady Porcupine

We kept his secret
But now we can tell

We are the League of the Scroll


(Magpie, by the way, is the name I use on Smarch)

I haven’t seen the message board this busy in years. Many years. It’s glorious. I’m sitting here at nearly 5 AM, in the middle of my mealybug-induced mess, grinning and giggling and bouncing and kicking my feet, celebrating with old friends and new – it might “only” be an online party, but in many ways, that is so much better for me than a “real-life” party. And I don’t see it as any less real. Whether we occupy the same physical space or “only” the same virtual space, we’re friends coming together to celebrate awesome news (and I don’t think I’ve celebrated this much since the last Harry Potter book came out.)

So, yeah, I don’t know what the point of this post is, except that I wanted to share this cake, and a bit of my excitement about Last King.

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