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I Must Be Feeling Better

June 5, 2014


These are the plants I bought last week. Not even all of them – there were some herbs and vegetables for the balcony that got planted immediately and never photographed. There’s some bought-at-work stuff for the balcony in this picture as well (some tomatoes, variegated sweet potatoes, a lobelia and an Oxalis triangularis, since I somehow managed to kill mine over the winter), but mostly this is the result of me getting out of work early enough to go visit the competition and see if they’re selling anything interesting. No more overtime, yay!

So there’s one of those reddish Aglaonemas (which is not a plant I’m really interested in, but it’s an interesting colour, and at half price, I figured I might as well try it), a Cyperus haspan, two Abutilons, some kind of Pandanus and yet another passionflower. I’ll take better pictures when I have more time – I have another couple of busy days, but after that I should have time for more frequent and substantial posts again.

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  1. June 5, 2014 04:09

    I like my red Aglaonemas, if that helps at all. That particular cultivar (‘Sapphire Suzanne’ here, probably — it could be a different name where you are) seems to need a ridiculous amount of light to color up, and the leaves are small compared to when I bought it, but . . . I like it anyway? It sort of scratches the I’d-kinda-like-to-grow-a-croton itch without being evil like a croton.

    (The best of the red ags I’ve tried is the one I know as ‘Sparkling Sarah.’ Much easier to get decent-sized growth without extreme light, heat, or humidity. If you ever see one of those somewhere cheap, you should get it for sure.)

    • June 5, 2014 07:05

      I have no idea what variety this is – these stores never have any tags in their plants.

      It’s true, my collection has been lacking different colours since I threw out that croton. So it’s nice to have this one now.

  2. June 8, 2014 01:32

    Red Ags? Man, we don’t have any good houseplants in this stupid town.

    • June 8, 2014 13:05

      I think I saw them on PATSP long before I saw them in real life, and then for the longest time they were much too expensive for me to be interested.

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